What 5 Harmful Beauty Products You Should Avoid

For centuries, people have tried to do their best to look pretty. Makeup, mascara, carmine, powder… we put all of this on our face without thinking about consequences. A lot of people, especially women, use them on daily basis not knowing about its harmful factors.

1. Propylene glycol

One of the most common ingredients in conventional cosmetics. Its chemical elements link a lot of water for themselves, which penetrates the skin. It is very cheap products.

It can be found in the deodorants, antiperspirants, hair products, baby lotions, mouthwash and self-cleaning products.

Just some of the products that contain propylene glycol: “Cetaphil – Moisturizing Cream”, “Neutrogena – Hand cream”, “Dove – Cream Oil”, “FootRest Cream” etc.

However, its use has been reduced, since a lot of people got actually sick. Instead, beauticians now use safer products, based on butylene and polyethylene glycol.

Natural replacement for this element is glycerin from plants.

2. Parabens

Parabens are a big group of chemical preservatives. Beauticians consider it safe, but it has been proven to cause breast cancer and has estrogenic activity.

They are used in shampoos, regenerators, lotions, and deodorants. Always look for products that do not have this harmful ingredient.

You can easily identify these products – In the content, look for the words that contain “parabens”, such as methylparaben, propylparaben etc.

3. Formaldehyde

Known as one of the most dangerous chemicals. It is carcinogenic and it can be found in hair sprays and in the other hair care products.

Beware, this ingredient is not usually listed in the declaration. You can recognize it by the word “form”, for example: formalin, lysoform and formalith.

Just some of the products that contain this potentially dangerous ingredient: “Johnson’s Baby Shampoo”, “Keratin Treatment – Smoothing”, “HODM Professionals – Keratin Treatment”…

A natural alternative and natural preservative are certified organic essential oils.

4. Octyl Methoxycinnamate

Octyl Methoxycinnamate is a chemical protective factor. It is considered as a safe ingredient, but some research has found its connection to skin cancer as well as its highly irritating properties for the eyes and skin.

It is mostly in the self-tanning lotions, anti-aging and sun creams, but it can be also found in many other products.

This harmful product also affects breastfeeding. It stays in the mother’s milk and can harm the baby.
You can found Octyl Methoxycinnamate in: “OM – Cinnamate”, “Puriva lotion”, “Age Defying Solar Shield – Broad Spectrum Sunscreen” etc.

A natural alternative would be a mineral pigment (such as titan dioxide), which reflects the sun light from the skin.

5. Petroleum products

Many petroleum products are carcinogenic, including petrolatum and its derivatives (petroleum jelly, petroleum, paraffin) and mineral oil.

They often come in waxes for depilation, decorative cosmetics, perfumes, protective creams and baby care creams, which may cause allergic reactions.

Research has shown that even the finest perfumes of many famous designers contain harmful ingredients, and that have carcinogenic effects.

An alternative to harmful ingredients is organic certified essential oils. The scientist also recommends herbal base oils and herbal waxes.

We barely scratched the surface, there are a lot of similar harmful ingredients in our everyday products for which we do not know. Maybe this short article will help you to recognize harm products in future, and that you will find a way to avoid them.