Top 10 Alcoholic Drinks / Craft Beers to Try in 2017

Not many people are that familiar with what craft beer means. The term craft beer was introduced in the USA to basically mean an alcoholic drink produced or crafted by traditional and independent brewers.The mode of operation of craft beer is largely considered to be small-scale, which is still under intense debate. This is for the reason that there are large scale makers of craft beer. This has added even more confusion about what craft beer really means in terms of operation size. Craft beers are often made by highly skilled people who love to drink what they brew.

The rise of craft beer over the years has been gradual. The beer market in general is in a good shape. There are somethings which we cannot do without and beer is one of them. The brewing of different beers is influenced by different cultures around the world.There are a number of alcoholic drinks available in the market, each fitting a specific function or occasion in any time of the year. Consequently, below we discuss 10 of the top alcoholic or craft beers available in cans and bottles for your consumption.

I. Flannel Friday

This beer is crafted by Harpoon Brewery Company and comes in cans. For a pack of six, you will be forced to part away with around $9.This beer has been touted to be better for drinking during the fall, during those cool nights. The beer has elements of citrus and pineapple.

II. Goose Island IPA

The American IPA brew is one that embodies true craft. The malty backbone is used to balance the fruit salad bitterness and the resiny hop and piney flavors. This brewery is now under AB InBev Company which remains a brewing giant.AB InBev also happens to own Budwesier and Stella Artois. A 330 ml beer bottle goes for around $1.5.

III. Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale

To get a pack of six, you will need to spend $10.The Smuttynose company is based in New Hampshire. The drink is considered delicious and has spice and pumpkin among other ingredients.

IV. Anchor Blackberry Daze ale

The color of the beer is pinkish-purple that is light. And who doesn’t love such sincerely? This drink smells nice and it is damn spicy. You will find yourself sipping more and more of it after the first taste.

V. Full Sail

This Indian Pale Ale (IPA) is well balanced in terms of its taste. It is not that bitter and it is also no that sweeter. It has a tropical scent, and you understand the feeling that such a scent reawakens. It is summer!

VI. Deschutes beer

This beer,Swivelhead Red, has a great taste that complements the scent. The scent smells like a combination of honey and dried out blueberry. In terms of its appearance, it is in between being dark and light.

VII. Founders Azacca

This IPA beer was named after the god of agriculture for Haitians. You just don’t name anything and everything using a god’s name. Azacca beer is truly perfect. The alcoholic drink is purely refreshing because of its tropical scent.

VIII. Dead Pony ale

This drink is made by BrewDog who happens to be the biggest name in craft beer in the UK.The taste of malt and hops is well balanced giving you that smooth and satisfying feel. One of its main ingredients is the smooth passion fruit.

IX. Abita beer

This popular lager is made by Abita brewing company. A 22 ounce bottle goes for around $5.This beer is made up of wheat, malted barley and fresh strawberry juice. The ingredients used have greatly improved the sweetness of Abita beer.

X. Blue moon (Harvest pumpkin wheat)

This alcoholic drink has been in the market for a while compared to other brands that exist. Some of the notable ingredients used in blue moon brewing are; cloves, pumpkin, and cinnamon spices. It is fantastic.