The Top 5 Most Underrated Bars And Lounges In Toronto

The nightlife culture in Toronto, Canada has developed rapidly. In the past drinking in Toronto was quite an ordeal to write home about. Not too long ago, drinking in Toronto meant drinking multi-colored martinis at weird looking joints and corners. It meant sipping over-oaked Chardonnay at places where they also sold meat. The times have changed since then. These days there are sophisticated pubs and bars where you can sip on a cold beer in comfort. Some of the bars can even pull off the classic cocktails and mixes.

Drinking during the day has also regained its fashion. The snacks in bars are also plenty. Among the bars and pubs, there are a few exquisite ones that have emerged relatively recently but have been highly underrated. They include the following:

a) Bar Begonia
Found in Dupont, the bar has definitely brought some French charm to the street. It is a place where you might find yourself spending quite a few hours and a few dollars in. it has a serene atmosphere and the music played therein is just amazing. It was opened in early 2016 and has been a go to joint since then although not a lot of people know about it. They serve the classics including Lucien Gaudin and Campari dry vermouth. It is located in 252 Dupont. Their telephone is 647-352-3337.

b) Birreria Volo
It is not as popular as its bigger brother, Bar Volo. It is, however, a sexier and much geekier version of the other bar. It is part of the Morana family chain of bars and restaurants. Because of this it is Italian themed. These include all the foods and drinks in the place and even the styling is accentuated with Italy. Recently they have started a brand of Italian vintage wines of Beersel and Cantilon. It is located in 612 College.

c) Exhale Lounge
This is one of the most remarkable shisha bars in the area. They have a Resto Bar offering the best variety of wines and spirits. They offer what they call an exhale experience as they out-source the best ingredients available in the market to serve you with the tastiest food. You can also make bookings in case of events. Located at 8159 Yonge Street.

d) El Rey Mezcal Bar
This is the only bar in the city that shines a light to Mezcal. The bar is found at 2a Kensington corner. Whether you like indulging in the bitter unfiltered Mexican drinks or softened cocktails of the same, this is the joint for you. It also has a large array of snacks including spice dusted peanuts.

e) Famous Last Words
Named after a novel by Timothy Findley, the bar is themed according to the book. The names of the characters in the books adorn the walls camouflaged in the tiles. The drinks menu is also labelled according to the book. Found in 392 Pacific it is the ideal joint for the bookworm.