Silicon Valley, a region found in San Francisco acquired its nickname from the fact that majority of devices built here are made of semiconductors such as silicon. This is a region where entrepreneurs have found a place to start and grow their companies in the recent years. Among the biggest companies located in this area include Apple, Hewlett Packed and Advanced Micro Devices which is abbreviated as AMD. In the last few years some new companies have cropped up and they have been growing. This article intends to look at the four fastest growing companies in this small region of California.

So, what are these companies?

1. GridGain

This is a company that has already been ranked among the first five companies that are growing at the highest rate in Silicon Valley. GridGain majors at providing in-memory computing solutions which are enterprise-grade.

Between the years 2014 and 2016, GridGain saw its revenue rise by an impressive percentage. Their revenue grew by 919%. This means that they were able to make a profit that is equivalent to 9.19 times more than what they had previously made.

The reason for this impressive growth was as a result of their products recording an all-time high demand from various companies including IoT platforms, online travel services, and Fintech companies.

This company has had a variety of other major accolades which include Inc. ranking it as number 187 on its top 500 companies list in 2017 and acquiring two bronze awards given by Stevie Awards.

The major reason as to why this company has achieved this growth is because the products they offer have the potential to revolutionize processing and real-time data access.

2. iBaby

This company which was founded in 2011 and specializes in providing wellness products, as well as home video monitoring, has been ranked among the top 5000 companies that have the highest growth rate.

With an aim to help in revolutionizing family care and improving the wellness industry through making convenience and comfort available to families that are usually referred to as being mobile-centric, iBaby is already achieving its goals.

iBaby has been expanding their product in order reach smart homes categories including audio monitors, and home video monitors.

This company had revenues that amounted up to four million US dollars back in 2015 with a 76% growth rate in only three years. This is impressive given that the company was founded in 2011.

3. NuevaCare

This is a company that was named among the top 5 fastest growing companies located in the bay area.

NuevaCare specializes in improving the quality of life that majority of seniors go through. They also deliver services to those people who need them regardless of age, for example, people who are recovering from surgery or any illness.

This company was ranked at 206 among the top 5000 companies by Inc.

The reason behind its first growth rate is the fact that the number of elderly people has been growing at an all-time high rate of 112%. This has increased the demand for more caregivers and geriatric services.

4. NutaNix

Nutanix, through their cloud platform, helps make infrastructure invisible and hence making it possible for IT to only focus on services and applications that help in powering their businesses.

This is a company that has previously recorded a 3,566% growth rate in only three years.

It was founded in 2009 and by 2016 they had already managed to reach 444.9 million US dollars in terms of revenue.