Makeup tips to look like 5 top female celebrities

In the world today, women enhance their beauty by adding a little bit of makeup on their face. Applying the right makeup on your face can give you the best results you ever wished for. There are hence various tips that the most known female celebrities embrace on every day basis that always make them shine over other women.

Here are the most important tips for your makeup that can make you look like the five top female celebrities:

1. Know the type of your skin.

Before purchasing any type of makeup that you saw working perfectly for your friend, you must know the type of your skin and the best makeup for it. There are four skin types; the oily skin, dry skin, normal and combination skin. To determine the type of your skin, wash your face with a cleanser and wait for sometime. After which, take a white piece of cloth or a tissue paper and wipe your face especially on the area between your forehead and the nose. Oily skin feels smooth and leaves oil on the tissue paper, a dry skin leaves some particles of dry skin and feels rough, a normal skin is smooth and a little bit rough while a combination shows all of the above results. It is after knowing your skin type when you purchase the right makeup for your skin type.

2. Wash your face before sleep.

After a tiresome day, consider washing your face with soap and clean water. This removes the makeup and dirt that accumulated on your face during the day. It also helps in opening the pores blocked by the makeup or dirt on your skin. This keeps your skin fresh and free of dirt.

3.Invest in high quality makeup.

As it is said, cheap is expensive. Do not go for that cheap mascara and cream on the streets. Going for cheap makeup can cost the beauty of your skin. Some makeups react with the body and result in burning the skin hence resulting to itching or pimples on the skin. Going to beauty experts who know the best makeup for your skin can save your skin. Also, letting them apply makeup on your face is one of the best ways to looking great. Take your time in applying high quality makeup on your face. Quality goes with expense, if you want to look like the top female celebrity in your country then consider getting a specific professional. Having a specific professional will give them time to learn your skin, how it reacts under different makeups and know how to treat it perfectly.

4. Do not overdo the makeup.

Applying too much of makeup makes someone look more made up than natural. Consider applying some bronze powder on your face after applying your make up for a more natural look. Apply the shade that fits your skin tone.

5. Pay much concentration on the area around your eyes.

Eyes attract much attention than any other part of the face. Hence, applying the right eyeshadow depending on the shape of your face is much more important. Also, choose the color that best complement your eye color. In addition, make your eyeliner look attractive by getting it in the right shape on both the lower and upper side of the eye. Do not make one side of the eyeliner look thicker and out of shape. Consider having a remover in case of poor matching of the liner and make it up once again.

Having the right makeup for your face will give you that best look you have ever admired. Hence, consider following the above steps and everything will work out perfectly for you.