Paris Hilton Accused of copying Ofra x NikkieTutorials

It seems like you can’t go another day without a rampant case of beauty plagiarism. Paris Hilton – model, actress, and DJ, has a unique makeup line that has a surprising underground cult following (although don’t mix them up with the bunch from her popular fragrances). Unfortunately for Paris, she has recently been accused of plagiarizing a very well known beauty blogger’s work and claiming it as part of her own makeup line, Paris Hilton Cosmetics.

A vlogger on YouTube known as Sanders Kennedy showed her audience the remarkable similarities between the Paris Glow & Gloss Collection and an Ofra x NikkieTutorials collaboration. Both of the collections feature three lipstick and a highlighter wheel housed in a strikingly similar box with a diagonal cut-out.

Even the outside box art on both of the collections looks strikingly similar. With a plastic see-through cut out, it is obvious something is going on.

A difference between the two is the ingredients. As Sanders Kennedy points out in his video, there are not any similarities between the two. Both the Paris Glow & Gloss and the Ofra x NikkieTutorials collections are cruelty-free, although that probably has nothing to do with the possible case of plagiarism.

The Paris Glow & Gloss collection is designed in the USA by the manufactured by Pearl World, while the Ofra x NikkieTutorials collection is made and designed in America. What this means, is that maybe, we can’t say for certain, but just maybe the Paris Glow & Gloss collection could be made somewhere in China, or somewhere else overseas.

Something that is really interesting about the Paris Glow & Gloss collection is that it isn’t sold in stores like Sephora, Macys, or even Ulta. It is very difficult to find, only really being available online and in certain discount stores.

The Paris Glow & Gloss collection was released in November of 2017, with a price ranging between $19.99 to $29.99, depending on where you are able to pick it up. The Ofra x NikkieTutorials collection on the other hand, was released in February of 2017, at a retail price point of $59.99. Each of the lipsticks in the Ofra x NikkieTutorials collection has the option to be sold individually, with each of them being sold at $20.

Here are some really striking similarities between the two collections

Both have their images on the same side of the box, with the text titles being on the other side

Both of the lipsticks are in the exact same order. Starting off with the light pinked colored one, and then moving to a brown then a coral colored lipstick.

They both have a three part highlighter, and both of the highlighters in the collections have a dark, medium and light color choice.

Both of the three color choice highlighters have a clear see-through lid, and the same black base backing.

When you open up the three color choice highlighters on both collections, they are both in the same exact order or dark, medium, and light.

With so many different brands and collaborations pupping up left and right, plagiarism has become fairly common, even with larger more prominent brands. Either way, it is still pretty scary and disappointing that a prominent figure in the industry such as Paris Hilton would consider something
like this (that is if it is actually a copy).