Tourism Is Boosting Global Economy, Ending War & Conquest

The business of vacation is booming on a global scale. International tourism has steadily increased over the last 50 years with very minor declines during economic and political crises. Despite the recent hateful narrative in the United States over the past year and a half, it seems the worlds population as a whole has began to take a genuine interest in each other. The top country destinations for vacationers are France and the majority of Europe, China, Spain, and surprisngly the United States. Emerging markets, in 2016, made up 45% of travel destinations in 2015 and are expected to make up to 57 perecent in 2030. So what does this mean for global commerce and conquest?

In very recent years, tourism has contributed to over 100 million jobs and supported (whether dirctly or indirectly) a total of over 250 million jobs. The tourism industry has the ability to completely change the economy of small and emerging markets, driving visitors, commerce sales, jobs, and general excitment and development on politcal levels in markets that were counted out for a long time. For example, over the next 10 years, countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Vietnam and Zambia are expected to show the strongest growth over non-centralized countries. Tourism is a major contributor to the reduction of poverty through creating jobs and funneling currency into economies that would not be there without tourists. The industry also promotes socio-economic development.

Economically, tourism has the power to promote global commerce. The “why” can be broken down into four clear steps:

•By strenthening linkages with related supply chain sectors such as agriculture, transportation, construction, ect. As tourism to a country increases so does the need for more infastructure in many of the different economic sectors.
•By reinforcing initiatives to promote job creation. The more people that are visiting a country, there is a higher need for jobs in every different market. The busier the country becomes, the more jobs that are needed. The more skills that are required. Training and skill development become and emphasis, which in turn creates more jobs.
•By putting an emphasis on investing into skill development and vocational training. Skill level, professionalism, and soft skills are key for competitivness. The more hospitable and skilled a culture or country is, the more tourism it’s likely to attract. This creates a revolving door of socio-economic advancement which helps these nations to grow, contributing to global commerce growth.
•Strenthening the socio cultural and collective barganing. Travel and tourism opens vacationers up to new social surroundings and promotes a greater understanding of people on a global scale

Besides tourism being able to help the global economy, tourism has an effect on the social and cultural aspects of life in particular regions. Natives and travelers alike begin to interact and mix with people from diverse backgrounds which helps to form cosmopolitan cultures. This type of interaction helps to promote a more united world, which ultimately helps to reduce the perception of world conquest. It helps people from different cultures, backgrounds, countires, and economic classes have a better understanding of each other and learn to want to work together rather than conqure each other. As a world, we are less likely to fight with our brothers and sisters once we understand them. Tourism helps to promote that understanding and multi-cultural love. Tourism has a huge impact on a global scale. The industry itself pushes countries to develop and put more emphasis on their economic and social development.

World’s Top Tech Startup Hubs That Rival Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is known as the leading tech startup hub in the world. This is widely evident since it is home to the world’s largest tech giants including Facebook and Google, The place is filled up with entrepreneurs from all over the world seeking to launch their tech startups and Venture capital to back them up. However, It’s a big wide world, there are other places with an environment alike that of Silicon valley. Newsflash is that Silicon Valley is no longer the place with the best tech startup environment, find out what the best place is;

Other tech hubs include:


The government’s support for local startups has played an important role in the growth of Singapore as a tech startup hub. It is already one of the world’s largest financial centers. The city’s geographical location and the booming Asian business market have given local entrepreneurs access to affluent customers and venture capital.

Seattle, US

It is local startups like Microsoft and Amazon, that highlight Seattle as a worthy competitor in the world’s tech scene. The two companies are owned by the two wealthiest individuals in the world today. The region is responsible for over 12% increase in employment in the past two years.

Chicago, US

Groupon and Grubhub are among 12 of Chicago’s unicorn startups with a valuation of over 1 billion dollars. Chicago has quickly risen up the ranks having ranked number 10 in 2012. This few exceptionally successful startups have led to an inflow of creative startup talent to the region. The city now has between 1800 to 3000 active tech startups.

London, UK

The only reason this city has not made it to the top three ranking is the high living costs propagated by astronomical rent and travel costs. Tech city, a government startup initiative suggested that over 10000 jobs were to be created by London startups in the year 2015. The city’s strong points include access to affluent customers, multinational corporations and ambitious government initiatives.

The top 5 tech cities of the world in 2018 are:

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

This city’s tech focus has been credited to the proximity of Tel Aviv University and the Israeli Defense Forces. However, an inflow of international startup talent is now the areas greatest growth catalyst. The city has low travel costs and ranks 6th in startup experience. The city’s best feature is the startup funding that averages a $509,000.

4. Austin, US

Being the home to tech titans, IBM and Dell.the city has long been on the map of the world’s top tech cities. Recently, the area dubbed Silicon Hills has brought an influx of international tech talent due to low living costs and rapid business start up. The city ranks 5th in the world’s tech cities with affordable monthly rent.

3. San Francisco

This might be surprising to some but Silicon valley no longer holds the top spot. This is because the living costs have now become enormous. The city now ranks 20th in the world’s tech cities with low living costs. It still ranks 1st in early startup funding regardless, best feature being the software engineers salary that hits an average of $112,000.

2. Berlin, Germany

Low living costs and a booming creative scene have made lots of tech entrepreneurs from all over the world to flock to the region. At least 20,000 new jobs are to be created by tech startups by the year 2020. In the past Berlin startups have shown excellency in E-commerce, gaming and Market places. Berlin now has an influx of tech talent in Saas and Adtech. The city ranks 4th in payed holidays and cost of living. It’s best feature is it’s monthly rent that averages $1,139.

1. Beijing, China

This city is the world’s second most affordable tech city to live in. It ranks 2nd for a great startup experience and it’s best feature is an early stage funding of an average of $682,000. Beijing has it all, from government support, access to affluent customers and multinationals, tech talent and infrastructure and connectivity.

Paris Hilton Accused of copying Ofra x NikkieTutorials

It seems like you can’t go another day without a rampant case of beauty plagiarism. Paris Hilton – model, actress, and DJ, has a unique makeup line that has a surprising underground cult following (although don’t mix them up with the bunch from her popular fragrances). Unfortunately for Paris, she has recently been accused of plagiarizing a very well known beauty blogger’s work and claiming it as part of her own makeup line, Paris Hilton Cosmetics.

A vlogger on YouTube known as Sanders Kennedy showed her audience the remarkable similarities between the Paris Glow & Gloss Collection and an Ofra x NikkieTutorials collaboration. Both of the collections feature three lipstick and a highlighter wheel housed in a strikingly similar box with a diagonal cut-out.

Even the outside box art on both of the collections looks strikingly similar. With a plastic see-through cut out, it is obvious something is going on.

A difference between the two is the ingredients. As Sanders Kennedy points out in his video, there are not any similarities between the two. Both the Paris Glow & Gloss and the Ofra x NikkieTutorials collections are cruelty-free, although that probably has nothing to do with the possible case of plagiarism.

The Paris Glow & Gloss collection is designed in the USA by the manufactured by Pearl World, while the Ofra x NikkieTutorials collection is made and designed in America. What this means, is that maybe, we can’t say for certain, but just maybe the Paris Glow & Gloss collection could be made somewhere in China, or somewhere else overseas.

Something that is really interesting about the Paris Glow & Gloss collection is that it isn’t sold in stores like Sephora, Macys, or even Ulta. It is very difficult to find, only really being available online and in certain discount stores.

The Paris Glow & Gloss collection was released in November of 2017, with a price ranging between $19.99 to $29.99, depending on where you are able to pick it up. The Ofra x NikkieTutorials collection on the other hand, was released in February of 2017, at a retail price point of $59.99. Each of the lipsticks in the Ofra x NikkieTutorials collection has the option to be sold individually, with each of them being sold at $20.

Here are some really striking similarities between the two collections

Both have their images on the same side of the box, with the text titles being on the other side

Both of the lipsticks are in the exact same order. Starting off with the light pinked colored one, and then moving to a brown then a coral colored lipstick.

They both have a three part highlighter, and both of the highlighters in the collections have a dark, medium and light color choice.

Both of the three color choice highlighters have a clear see-through lid, and the same black base backing.

When you open up the three color choice highlighters on both collections, they are both in the same exact order or dark, medium, and light.

With so many different brands and collaborations pupping up left and right, plagiarism has become fairly common, even with larger more prominent brands. Either way, it is still pretty scary and disappointing that a prominent figure in the industry such as Paris Hilton would consider something
like this (that is if it is actually a copy).


Silicon Valley, a region found in San Francisco acquired its nickname from the fact that majority of devices built here are made of semiconductors such as silicon. This is a region where entrepreneurs have found a place to start and grow their companies in the recent years. Among the biggest companies located in this area include Apple, Hewlett Packed and Advanced Micro Devices which is abbreviated as AMD. In the last few years some new companies have cropped up and they have been growing. This article intends to look at the four fastest growing companies in this small region of California.

So, what are these companies?

1. GridGain

This is a company that has already been ranked among the first five companies that are growing at the highest rate in Silicon Valley. GridGain majors at providing in-memory computing solutions which are enterprise-grade.

Between the years 2014 and 2016, GridGain saw its revenue rise by an impressive percentage. Their revenue grew by 919%. This means that they were able to make a profit that is equivalent to 9.19 times more than what they had previously made.

The reason for this impressive growth was as a result of their products recording an all-time high demand from various companies including IoT platforms, online travel services, and Fintech companies.

This company has had a variety of other major accolades which include Inc. ranking it as number 187 on its top 500 companies list in 2017 and acquiring two bronze awards given by Stevie Awards.

The major reason as to why this company has achieved this growth is because the products they offer have the potential to revolutionize processing and real-time data access.

2. iBaby

This company which was founded in 2011 and specializes in providing wellness products, as well as home video monitoring, has been ranked among the top 5000 companies that have the highest growth rate.

With an aim to help in revolutionizing family care and improving the wellness industry through making convenience and comfort available to families that are usually referred to as being mobile-centric, iBaby is already achieving its goals.

iBaby has been expanding their product in order reach smart homes categories including audio monitors, and home video monitors.

This company had revenues that amounted up to four million US dollars back in 2015 with a 76% growth rate in only three years. This is impressive given that the company was founded in 2011.

3. NuevaCare

This is a company that was named among the top 5 fastest growing companies located in the bay area.

NuevaCare specializes in improving the quality of life that majority of seniors go through. They also deliver services to those people who need them regardless of age, for example, people who are recovering from surgery or any illness.

This company was ranked at 206 among the top 5000 companies by Inc.

The reason behind its first growth rate is the fact that the number of elderly people has been growing at an all-time high rate of 112%. This has increased the demand for more caregivers and geriatric services.

4. NutaNix

Nutanix, through their cloud platform, helps make infrastructure invisible and hence making it possible for IT to only focus on services and applications that help in powering their businesses.

This is a company that has previously recorded a 3,566% growth rate in only three years.

It was founded in 2009 and by 2016 they had already managed to reach 444.9 million US dollars in terms of revenue.

Top 10 Alcoholic Drinks / Craft Beers to Try in 2017

Not many people are that familiar with what craft beer means. The term craft beer was introduced in the USA to basically mean an alcoholic drink produced or crafted by traditional and independent brewers.The mode of operation of craft beer is largely considered to be small-scale, which is still under intense debate. This is for the reason that there are large scale makers of craft beer. This has added even more confusion about what craft beer really means in terms of operation size. Craft beers are often made by highly skilled people who love to drink what they brew.

The rise of craft beer over the years has been gradual. The beer market in general is in a good shape. There are somethings which we cannot do without and beer is one of them. The brewing of different beers is influenced by different cultures around the world.There are a number of alcoholic drinks available in the market, each fitting a specific function or occasion in any time of the year. Consequently, below we discuss 10 of the top alcoholic or craft beers available in cans and bottles for your consumption.

I. Flannel Friday

This beer is crafted by Harpoon Brewery Company and comes in cans. For a pack of six, you will be forced to part away with around $9.This beer has been touted to be better for drinking during the fall, during those cool nights. The beer has elements of citrus and pineapple.

II. Goose Island IPA

The American IPA brew is one that embodies true craft. The malty backbone is used to balance the fruit salad bitterness and the resiny hop and piney flavors. This brewery is now under AB InBev Company which remains a brewing giant.AB InBev also happens to own Budwesier and Stella Artois. A 330 ml beer bottle goes for around $1.5.

III. Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale

To get a pack of six, you will need to spend $10.The Smuttynose company is based in New Hampshire. The drink is considered delicious and has spice and pumpkin among other ingredients.

IV. Anchor Blackberry Daze ale

The color of the beer is pinkish-purple that is light. And who doesn’t love such sincerely? This drink smells nice and it is damn spicy. You will find yourself sipping more and more of it after the first taste.

V. Full Sail

This Indian Pale Ale (IPA) is well balanced in terms of its taste. It is not that bitter and it is also no that sweeter. It has a tropical scent, and you understand the feeling that such a scent reawakens. It is summer!

VI. Deschutes beer

This beer,Swivelhead Red, has a great taste that complements the scent. The scent smells like a combination of honey and dried out blueberry. In terms of its appearance, it is in between being dark and light.

VII. Founders Azacca

This IPA beer was named after the god of agriculture for Haitians. You just don’t name anything and everything using a god’s name. Azacca beer is truly perfect. The alcoholic drink is purely refreshing because of its tropical scent.

VIII. Dead Pony ale

This drink is made by BrewDog who happens to be the biggest name in craft beer in the UK.The taste of malt and hops is well balanced giving you that smooth and satisfying feel. One of its main ingredients is the smooth passion fruit.

IX. Abita beer

This popular lager is made by Abita brewing company. A 22 ounce bottle goes for around $5.This beer is made up of wheat, malted barley and fresh strawberry juice. The ingredients used have greatly improved the sweetness of Abita beer.

X. Blue moon (Harvest pumpkin wheat)

This alcoholic drink has been in the market for a while compared to other brands that exist. Some of the notable ingredients used in blue moon brewing are; cloves, pumpkin, and cinnamon spices. It is fantastic.

The Top 5 Most Underrated Bars And Lounges In Toronto

The nightlife culture in Toronto, Canada has developed rapidly. In the past drinking in Toronto was quite an ordeal to write home about. Not too long ago, drinking in Toronto meant drinking multi-colored martinis at weird looking joints and corners. It meant sipping over-oaked Chardonnay at places where they also sold meat. The times have changed since then. These days there are sophisticated pubs and bars where you can sip on a cold beer in comfort. Some of the bars can even pull off the classic cocktails and mixes.

Drinking during the day has also regained its fashion. The snacks in bars are also plenty. Among the bars and pubs, there are a few exquisite ones that have emerged relatively recently but have been highly underrated. They include the following:

a) Bar Begonia
Found in Dupont, the bar has definitely brought some French charm to the street. It is a place where you might find yourself spending quite a few hours and a few dollars in. it has a serene atmosphere and the music played therein is just amazing. It was opened in early 2016 and has been a go to joint since then although not a lot of people know about it. They serve the classics including Lucien Gaudin and Campari dry vermouth. It is located in 252 Dupont. Their telephone is 647-352-3337.

b) Birreria Volo
It is not as popular as its bigger brother, Bar Volo. It is, however, a sexier and much geekier version of the other bar. It is part of the Morana family chain of bars and restaurants. Because of this it is Italian themed. These include all the foods and drinks in the place and even the styling is accentuated with Italy. Recently they have started a brand of Italian vintage wines of Beersel and Cantilon. It is located in 612 College.

c) Exhale Lounge
This is one of the most remarkable shisha bars in the area. They have a Resto Bar offering the best variety of wines and spirits. They offer what they call an exhale experience as they out-source the best ingredients available in the market to serve you with the tastiest food. You can also make bookings in case of events. Located at 8159 Yonge Street.

d) El Rey Mezcal Bar
This is the only bar in the city that shines a light to Mezcal. The bar is found at 2a Kensington corner. Whether you like indulging in the bitter unfiltered Mexican drinks or softened cocktails of the same, this is the joint for you. It also has a large array of snacks including spice dusted peanuts.

e) Famous Last Words
Named after a novel by Timothy Findley, the bar is themed according to the book. The names of the characters in the books adorn the walls camouflaged in the tiles. The drinks menu is also labelled according to the book. Found in 392 Pacific it is the ideal joint for the bookworm.

What 5 Harmful Beauty Products You Should Avoid

For centuries, people have tried to do their best to look pretty. Makeup, mascara, carmine, powder… we put all of this on our face without thinking about consequences. A lot of people, especially women, use them on daily basis not knowing about its harmful factors.

1. Propylene glycol

One of the most common ingredients in conventional cosmetics. Its chemical elements link a lot of water for themselves, which penetrates the skin. It is very cheap products.

It can be found in the deodorants, antiperspirants, hair products, baby lotions, mouthwash and self-cleaning products.

Just some of the products that contain propylene glycol: “Cetaphil – Moisturizing Cream”, “Neutrogena – Hand cream”, “Dove – Cream Oil”, “FootRest Cream” etc.

However, its use has been reduced, since a lot of people got actually sick. Instead, beauticians now use safer products, based on butylene and polyethylene glycol.

Natural replacement for this element is glycerin from plants.

2. Parabens

Parabens are a big group of chemical preservatives. Beauticians consider it safe, but it has been proven to cause breast cancer and has estrogenic activity.

They are used in shampoos, regenerators, lotions, and deodorants. Always look for products that do not have this harmful ingredient.

You can easily identify these products – In the content, look for the words that contain “parabens”, such as methylparaben, propylparaben etc.

3. Formaldehyde

Known as one of the most dangerous chemicals. It is carcinogenic and it can be found in hair sprays and in the other hair care products.

Beware, this ingredient is not usually listed in the declaration. You can recognize it by the word “form”, for example: formalin, lysoform and formalith.

Just some of the products that contain this potentially dangerous ingredient: “Johnson’s Baby Shampoo”, “Keratin Treatment – Smoothing”, “HODM Professionals – Keratin Treatment”…

A natural alternative and natural preservative are certified organic essential oils.

4. Octyl Methoxycinnamate

Octyl Methoxycinnamate is a chemical protective factor. It is considered as a safe ingredient, but some research has found its connection to skin cancer as well as its highly irritating properties for the eyes and skin.

It is mostly in the self-tanning lotions, anti-aging and sun creams, but it can be also found in many other products.

This harmful product also affects breastfeeding. It stays in the mother’s milk and can harm the baby.
You can found Octyl Methoxycinnamate in: “OM – Cinnamate”, “Puriva lotion”, “Age Defying Solar Shield – Broad Spectrum Sunscreen” etc.

A natural alternative would be a mineral pigment (such as titan dioxide), which reflects the sun light from the skin.

5. Petroleum products

Many petroleum products are carcinogenic, including petrolatum and its derivatives (petroleum jelly, petroleum, paraffin) and mineral oil.

They often come in waxes for depilation, decorative cosmetics, perfumes, protective creams and baby care creams, which may cause allergic reactions.

Research has shown that even the finest perfumes of many famous designers contain harmful ingredients, and that have carcinogenic effects.

An alternative to harmful ingredients is organic certified essential oils. The scientist also recommends herbal base oils and herbal waxes.

We barely scratched the surface, there are a lot of similar harmful ingredients in our everyday products for which we do not know. Maybe this short article will help you to recognize harm products in future, and that you will find a way to avoid them.

3 Alternative Organic Beauty Products All Women Should Know About

Every girl or woman loves to take care of her skin and beauty by using the best products in the market.

However, sometimes those products could be harsh on the skin because of their chemicals and your skin, as a result of the harsh chemicals, might get sensitive and break out.

Even worse, a rash might occur. Though manufactured for the right purposes, sometimes, they could do more harm than good.

Due to that, there is need to break away from the norm and start using truly natural products and here are three alternative organic beauty products all women should know:

1. Organic Rosehip Oil by Trilogy Rosehip oil is one of the lightest in texture and richest in minerals and antioxidants oils. The only ingredient for the rosehip oil by trilogy is the Rosa Canina Seed Oil. The oil is rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and Vitamin A. Those fatty acids and vitamins help to moisturize the skin and increase its elasticity. It also allows the skin to produce more collagen, which in its turn will help to rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines while battling acne and dryness. It can also out your skin tone and correct your dark spots over time and use. You can use it a serum after cleansing your face and once you applied few drops of the oil, you can apply some moisturizer afterwards. Or you can use it on its own.

2. Skin Food Cream by Weleda It is an organic face and body cream. It is so rich in organic properties it hydrates your face leaving it plump, luminous and healthy looking. It has natural ingredients such as Sunflower seed oil, rosemary leaf oil, and Pansy extract. Vitamin E is a vitamin that your skin needs and will absolutely love. This vitamin plays a huge role in anti-aging and hydration, leaving the skin youthful-looking and beautiful. While rosemary leaf oil helps to eliminate redness and acne. It’s beneficial to the oily skin type to combat the excessive oils the skin might produce. This ensures your skin is always aerated, thus preventing unwanted clogging of oils that may serve as breeding grounds for harmful skin bacteria. As for the Pansy extract, it helps to nourish the skin, treat scabs and acne scars.

3. Rahua Classics Rahua shampoo and conditioner are 100% organic and natural. The key ingredient is Ungurahua oil that is rich in Omega 6. It fortifies weak hair and nourishes the scalp and hair follicles, allowing the hair to grow healthier and stronger. It also has some coconut. Coconut allows the scalp and hair to breathe by removing all the dirt, oil and bacteria. The Shea butter in it doesn’t allow the hair to dry out instead it hydrates the hairs. And the good thing about this product is that it doesn’t remove any colours from the hair and it doesn’t interfere with any treatment that has been done to the hair. Once you use the shampoo and the conditioner, your hair is left voluminous, healthy and hydrated. Keep in mind, the product a bit pricey and high-end, but it’s worth every penny.

5 Small Business Fashion/Retail Brands Doing Things Differently Than Others

The fashion world is always changing, but this is fine. You need to find out more ways to keep your wardrobe happy, as you are a modern woman looking for the best dresses and accessories out there. We will let you know about 5 small business fashion/retail brands doing things differently than others.


Cuyana will give you tons of advice about keeping your wardrobe small while keeping up with changing and current fashion trends. These tips are very useful because they will give you tons of insight in no time too. The whole idea behind Cuyana is that you can create a small closet where you will store clothing that you use on a regular basis not just on special occasions. Cuyana also believes on style just over trends and in quality just over quantity.

Nineteenth Amendment

Nineteenth Amendment is all about getting access to new, outstanding fashion right away. If you love some new, weird things, Nineteenth Amendment is for you. Reaching the masses in just a different way is possible with this website where new designers can do this in no time. If you are not very well known in the fashion industry, Nineteenth Amendment is for you because the site will give you a lot of exposure to succeed in the fashion industry.

Daniel Christian Tang

Daniel Christian Tang has just re-invented the world of jewelry by taking advantage of the 3D printing revolution. Since each piece of jewelry will be just a wearable piece of art, you will love this site in no time too. You can also create many customized and intricate designs if you wish to. Using the important inspiration of fashion, architecture, and arts, you will manage to create timeless pieces of jewelry in no time too.

Ellison Eyewear

Ellison Eyewear is all about saving money on fashionable eyewear. If you are tired of spending a lot of dough on RayBan sunglasses, you need to visit Ellison Eyewear right away. These sunglasses` modern twist and classic styles will allow you to receive a lot of compliments over time too. If you are tired of losing your overpriced fashionable eyewear, Ellison Eyewear is just for you because the company has low-cost, attractive, high-quality sunglasses made in Greece with Italian materials.

Ms. Dress Up

Ms. Dress Up allows any woman to create innovative styles on her own in no time too. Women will understand how easily looking beautiful and interesting can be through Ms. Dress Up these days too. Women will get tons of empowerment through Ms. Dress Up in no time, and their fashion sense will be enhanced as well down the road. You will find a lot of elegant, pretty item here that can do the job.

Now that you know more about these companies, you are in a better position to take your enjoyment of the fashion world to a whole new level. These firms will give you what you need in terms of beauty and savings. So you will get tons of benefits from their fashion companies without spending an arm and a leg purchasing the clothes you love.

What Trends Are Happening In Men’s beauty / fashion

An incredible aspect concerning men’s fashion is that while trends travel every which way, such as the polyester suit of the 70s and the punk look of the 80s, it always seems to float back towards a perfect and masculine look. 2011 has certainly brought a remarkable resurgence of this classic appearance. In both high fashion and index spreads, you’ll see men dressed in complementing styles and traditional fabrics.

The grunge look of the 90s is out, and the very much prepared clean cut appearance of a before time has made a rebound. Like this, here are 3 of my most loved trends in men’s fashion coming up for fall of 2011.

Trends are happening in men’s beauty / fashion:

1.Hued denim-We tends always to consider denim signifying “Levis.” But hued denim is an incredible pattern for fall and a friendly approach to dressing up your everyday denim look. Presently it’s acknowledged that you can wear white jeans, even after Labor Day. Just grapple them with darker pieces, such as dim or cocoa shoes and belt, and a naval force sports coat.

Dark jeans are a fantastic search for fall. You can combine them with other cool tones, such as a blue and white striped shirt, camel suede shoes, and a blue denim jacket for a nice, calming look. Or for something a little bolder, try yellow-gold denim pants. Just remember that this is a bright color, and the rest of your outfit should remain in neutral shades, such as tans or navy blues.

2.”Mad Men” inspired fashion- Since the television show “Mad Men” became raucously popular, several different clothing companies have introduced simple and form-fitting lines inspired by the pre-hippie era of the early 1960s. I am personally looking forward to Banana Republic’s “Mad Men” inspired men’s line that will introduced this fall. The reason this particular line works so well is that it offers a bit of an updated twist on classic, retro looks. the very key to looking appropriate, not like you are wearing a costume when emulating vintage fashion. Key pieces to pulling off the “Mad Men” inspired look are slim cut suits, shawl-collared sweaters, slim cut pinstripe trousers, vests, and waistcoats.

If you are attending a formal event, a classic black silk bow tie is essential, and for everyday wear, a nice silk tie with necktie accessories appropriate.

3.Casual dressy looks- What do I propose by “casual formal”? Well, it varies from what you think of as straight-up elegant. For a coolly classic look, start with a casual foundation.

Could be a pair of relaxed fit chinos and a polo shirt or silk screened cotton tee shirt. Then, add an element that you would usually only think of as dressy, such as a well-fitted sports jacket. For another casual elegant look, black denim pants with a plain white tee shirt and a tuxedo jacket.

You can also make any casual outfit more dressy with an attractive accessory such as an antique pocket watch or a nice pair of leather oxford shoes. Celebrities who regularly and successfully pull off the casual fashionable look are Kanye West, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and Pharell Williams. Just don’t ever mix a blazer or sports jacket with shorts when going for the casual dressy look.